Drilling and Blasting for Construction and Forestry

Welcome to TNT Industries Inc.

We Would Like the Opportunity to Bid on Your Rock Work!

We have 37 years of experience drilling and blasting, and possess excellent knowledge of blasting geometry and explosive engineering.

We work with a third party blasting consultant/engineer to oversee all our blasting projects to give our customers the assurance of a job professionally executed.

Our specialties and experience include: in-town controlled blasting (residential, commercial, urban), hydro projects (windfarms, run of the river, transmission lines, etc.), highway projects, right-of-way, pipeline trenching (water, gas, oil), mining (production and construction), rip rap, crusher feed, specialty sizing, pit run, road-building, foundations, bridge approach, quarrying, and pre-shear.

If your project requires blasting, we will do it right the first time, every time.